About us

Dark Wizard Genetics

Dark Wizard Genetics have reaped the land and sown seeds since 2010. At the start of 2018 we began production on our own brand of cannabis seeds and started distributing our product to many seedbanks within the local area. It was not until the year 2020 that we began our own online shop. This allowed us to get our new brand name in front of millions of people worldwide. It did not take long before we shipped our first orders outside of our local territory.

We are passionate about all things cannabis related, be it hemp clothing or concentrated oils. This passion led us to the decision to keep our seeds much cheaper than the standard breeder. We believe that every person around the world has the right to store all of these crucial cannabis genetics, no matter their income or background. Our lower prices makes our seeds affordable to every economy across the globe. When so many people hold these seeds in their collection it truly secures the preservation of this beautiful plants.